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The Moore Homestead.

Family, faith, hard-work, commitment, loyalty are just some of the values I want to pass along to my children. I think building a wholesome life for myself, my husband, and my large, rambunctious, chaotic family, is the most important work in the world. Whether it is working side by side with my family in the garden, making bread with one of my girls, stacking wood while my boys split it, or relaxing around the table together –  we are making memories and building a beautiful life together.

Dan, myself, and 6 of our 7 kiddos live on 3 ½ acres in South-central Missouri and on our land, we grow much of our own veggies, fruit trees, fruit bushes, and herbs. We raise chickens for eggs and meat, occasionally we have pigs, turkeys, ducks, 2 cats, and 3 terrible farm dogs.

Homesteading has had its challenges and difficulties, but it has been so worth it to us. In the midst of all the chaos and challenges, there is a beauty that leaves me standing in awe. We are building a wholesome, beautiful life here on our homestead.

Our audacious goal of growing and raising almost all of our own food, preserving our harvest, preparing from scratch homecooked meals, teaching our children that if they work hard and have faith and family by their sides they can accomplish great things may cause some to think we’re a little crazy – and maybe we are. But no matter what it is that we are doing, you are welcome to join us!

Welcome to our little homestead – I really hope you stay and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with me.

Happy Homesteading, Becky

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